IVR Surveys

20/20 Insight LLC is a full service public opinion research firm that provides services to Democratic candidates and advocacy organizations. As veterans of campaigns – including everything from President to local races – we understand the need for high quality public opinion research at a price that preserves resources for communicating with voters. That's why we developed our own program that brings unmatched sophistication and versatility to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) polling.

 Our solution utilizes an automated system to field questionnaires that test everything from voters' opinions of a candidate's personal qualities and job performance to open ended questions that allow respondents to tell us what is on their minds. For some examples, please see our page with examples of previous projects that have been publicly released. For additional information or examples of our work, please contact us via telephone or email.

 Unlike many other IVR pollsters, we dedicate the time and effort to ensure that our research is methodologically sound. We use only high quality samples from reputable vendors, and we place telephone calls for a survey over several days, calling each telephone number multiple times over the course of several days to maximize our opportunity to contact each household in our sample. We ask detailed demographic screening questions to ensure that our sample is representative of the population we are surveying.

We also partner with leading outbound call centers to offer live dialed cell phone supplemental samples for clients that require cell phones or for jurisdictions or targets like urban areas and young voters that are hard to reach on landlines.